Transparency is the most effective way to combat food fraud and scandals. That is why we have decided to give a concrete answer to this, by implementing, on, a software systems for internal traceability. The goal is to build more and more confidence and credibility for a consumer who is now aware of the quality and origin of the products he decided to put on his table. By inserting the lot number, in the dedicated section of the website, which is present on each bottle, we can build backwards the entire production process by finding the information about the bottle size, the description, the production date, the expiration date, pieces produced, silos used, olive varieties, olive extraction, oil acidity, map of the cultivation area, information about pairings and organoleptic notes.


This is our calling card, which we decided to make available to the consumer, in addition to what has already been provided by the last labeling provision. The latter declares the obligation to provide the information necessary to understand the identity of the product, its quality level and the information about the origin of the oil. The most important change introduced by the last provision concerns the obligation to indicate the origin of the product on the label.