In the land eternally caressed by the rays of the sun and surrounded by two rivers, the Belice and the Carboy, are born the Extra Virgin Olive Oils La Goccia d’Oro. Famous scenery of history and culture, this part of western Sicily, an area identified among the best for olive growing in the world. The area includes precious elevations typical of the Sicilian landscape, planes and hills; ancient countries and atmospheres confirm the close link between culture and territory in these areas.

Everybody here is bound to the land and has learned to interpret the mood of the weather, recognize and foresee the characteristics of yearly harvest. The symbiosis between the community and agriculture is particularly clear in harvest times. The month of October is almost like a holiday: the whole area becomes alive, the ferment is visible in the countryside as in the small white streets which are full of vehicles loaded with olives ready for the mill. The pride of belonging and the well-known hospitality allow to live to those who, for some reason, perhaps of pleasure, are in this part, an experience of hospitality, warmth and unforgettable taste.